• Simulation & Game-based Training

    Teach dangerous tasks safely

Many jobs are inherently dangerous, like working around an F-18 ejection seat filled with explosives, and many job tasks can cause costly repairs if performed incorrectly. Simulation is an effective way to teach people how to safely work around dangerous equipment. They can make mistakes and still walk away. We’ve simulated the fire extinguishing controls in an F-18 fighter jet and the cockpit of a Blackhawk helicopter. To make training more fun and engaging, simulations can be used in a game-based interactive that puts users in various scenarios and teaches real-world consequences of their actions. For example, every time a user accidentally discharged the fire extinguisher in our F-18 simulator training, the game charged them the actual amount of the repair. Once people are aware how much poor performance costs or how many times they would have died while making wrong choices, it deepens their understanding of the importance of doing it correctly.